Meet our Team

Justin (Trudeau)

Justin came to us from Lynx Creek Savannahs outside of Calgary, Canada. When Justin became available, I jumped on a plane in San Francisco and was in Calgary to pick him up the next day. He has a sweet personality, an amazing smutty black nose, and the best buttery brown coat we had seen. He is also a really big cat considering he’s a F7. I think it’s the good air in the Canadian Rockies! 

F7 SBT Male

John Snow

John is a beautiful snow male with a great black nose and dark tips. He is still very young, but we think he will make beautiful babies with Coco (she carries for snow) and Noir (John carries for melanistic). Snow’s aren’t recognized by TICA as a acceptable savannah color at the moment, but we expect this to be the next color accepted; they are amazing. John came to us from Kaluah Ridge in Franklin, NC.

F5 SBT Male


This girl has a gorgeous creamy sliver undercoat, with rich chocolate spots.  She loves to play, and to be pet. She is super partial to Justin, but we are hoping that she will show John some love in the future. Coco is the largest of our F2 females and carries for snow.

F2B Female


Luna is a perfectly patterned beautiful silver female. She carries for brown, but is silver like her mom. We believe she will give us some nice silver kittens in the future. She and Pablo get along really well, so we have hope for a silver F1 from Pablo sometime in the future.

F5 SBT Female


Pablo is our adventure! He was born in Florida and raised on our farm in Mississippi with his two girl friends, Daisy and Jasmine. We are hoping that they produce F1’s for us eventually, but in the meantime, his personality is the best in the cattery. Owning him has proven to be an incredible experience for us.

Foundation Stock Serval

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