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We are a boutique breeder of Savannah cats in San Jose, California specializing in healthy, family-raised, exotic looking Savannah Kittens!

Who We Are

We have collected what we believe to be some of the best cats from reputable breeders across the United States and Canada in order to have a group of incredibly unique cats with diverse bloodlines.

Our cats are part of our daily lives, and we hope that ensures that their kittens are well prepared to join your daily life. The picture on the right is Pablo, our serval, hanging out on a Saturday night at the fishing camp in the Mississippi Delta. Pablo and his girlfriends live at our family farm in Mississippi (right above New Orleans) where we raise all F1 kittens. Unfortunately, servals are not legal as pets in California. The F1 is the closest we can get! After having Pablo for 3yrs, I understand more than ever where savannah cats get their amazing personalities without the bad habits. Unlike most servals, he has remained very open to new people and is the most “dog like” of our cats.

What We Hope For

Savannahs have been an amazing addition to our family, and we hope to share this experience with others. Their personalities are truly unique and somewhere between the independent cat and the all-loyal dog. After having Pablo, the serval, join the group, we definitely understand where it comes from, and we have a greater appreciation for their litter box habits.

We typically have 2-3 litters a year, so we are happy to help you find what you are looking for and helping you match with the best kitten for you. We typically have SBT (F6) and F3 kittens which we think are the sweet spot for most people, depending on how much domestication you are looking for. Occasionally, we are lucky enough to have F1 kittens and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have some success.



1 Purrfect Savannah San Jose, CA

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