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Unveiling the Legacy: Journey through the Ages of Our Exceptional Past Litters

Kittens in San Jose: Discover Our Past Litters

At 1Purrfect Savannahs, we’re immensely proud of our breeding program’s remarkable journey, specializing in offering exceptional Kittens in San Jose. The previous litters, nurtured with unwavering commitment, are the heart and soul of our mission to provide extraordinary Savannah cats to loving homes.

Each litter tells a unique story, representing a chapter in our ongoing dedication to breeding excellence. Witnessing the growth, flourishing, and development of these kittens has been a source of great joy and anticipation. They embody the dedication, care, and expertise we pour into every aspect of our breeding program.

One of the most enchanting aspects of our past litters is the sheer delight they bring to the families who open their homes to them. Savannah cats, renowned for their striking beauty, intelligence, and engaging personalities, have found their way into homes all over through our past litters.

If you’re interested in adopting one of our adorable kittens, please visit our page on Our Kittens.

For more information about Savannah cat breed standards, you can also visit TICA, The International Cat Association, which sets the industry standards for cat breeds.

We typically have litters in the Spring and Fall. Kittens are 12wks before going home.

Higher Gens (F1-F2s)

We typically have more (litters and kittens per litter)

F3 - SBT (F5-7)

The ages of our past litters represent milestones in our breeding program’s history. From the early stages of nurturing and socialization to the time when they’re ready to embark on their own journeys to new homes, each stage is a testament to our commitment to providing healthy, well-adjusted kittens. Our previous offspring have gone on to become cherished members of families, bringing happiness, companionship, and a touch of the wild into their lives.

We invite you to explore the enchanting stories and ages of our previous litters, where you’ll discover the unique personalities, growth, and development of these extraordinary feline companions. As we look back on the past litters that have graced our program, we’re reminded of the impact they’ve had on both us and the families they’ve touched. It’s a journey that continues to inspire us as we move forward, dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of breeding exceptional Savannah cats for the delight of future generations.

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