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At 1Purrfect Savannahs, our queens reign with grace and elegance, embodying the finest qualities of the Savannah breed. Each of our regal cats in San Jose is a testament to our commitment to excellence in breeding.

Our queens form the cornerstone of our breeding program, passing down their remarkable traits to future generations. With their distinctive coat patterns and captivating personalities, these cats in San Jose enchant everyone they meet.

Discover the remarkable legacy of our queens by exploring our Past Litters page. These cats in San Jose, nurtured in our dedicated environment, embody the commitment we put into every aspect of our breeding program.

We’re proud to be registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats. This means our cats meet the highest breed standards, ensuring you’re getting the very best.

Amara's Rachael Alexandra F1


Sire: Falkor
Dam: Skyhawk Sumatra of Amara F5 SBT PK Def N/N-PRA N/N

Very Very Beautiful girl. Extremely typey, beautiful head, long legs and body, great spotting, and lovely temperament. 10 months old

F1 Girls:

1 Purrfect Jazz (Golden BST F1):​

Jazz was our first F1 girl that we successfully raised here, so she holds a special place in our hearts. She’s long and lean like her dad, Pabo, and a sweetheart. We are excited to see her future kittens with HiHo Silver and/or John Snow.

1 Purrfect Rosalita (Warm BST F1):

Rosalita was born in the Spring of 2022, and we knew we had to keep her. Her mom is a F2, and we think this is part of her super exotic look and extra size. She has an appetite to match! We usually hold her, and give tastes, while preparing everyone else’s meal in the morning; she is not patient. We think she and Flynn are going to be a great future pairing.

Lanna’s Savannahs Stone (Dark BST F1):

Stone (Shania) came to us later in her life, originally born in Oklahoma and then we were fortunate to get her from Lequoia’s Savannahs nearby in Mississippi as they were getting out of breeding. She was 2yrs old when we met, and eventually she settled into a routine. She doesn’t want to be touched, but she likes to play, loves treats, and is super happy that dad started raising quail. She had her first litter this year with HiHo Silver and gave us two amazing boys. We are hoping they do a repeat next year and give us some girls!

F2 Girls:

5Rivers Coco (Cool BST)

Coco is a large F2 that is super finicky about what boys she likes. Unfortunately, her first boyfriend, and truelove, was a sterile F7 boy. She has been slow to warm up to any boy since Justin, but she lets her guard down occasionally. When she does, her kittens are beautiful. She carries for snow, so we continue to hope that she will find a soft spot for John, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Belle Hollow’s Maggie (Cool BST)

Maggie is a BST that looks like a silver. She has super long legs and a dark black nose. We have our hopes set on kittens from she and HiHo Silver soon.

Lanna’s Savannahs Daenerys (Snow)

Daenerys is an amazing F2 snow girl from in Oklahoma. We got her from Lanna as a kitten, destined to make amazing snow kittens with John. Hopefully, this is their year.

F4 Girls:

Daisy & Jasmine:

These two sisters are always together and are the moms to our F1s. They have given birth to some amazing animals, and we hope they continue to in the future.

SBT Girls:

WyldThingz Lilly & Rose:

We are big fans of the WyldThingz blood lines, and we were excited to produce the first F1s from this foundation bloodline. They are another sister pair that are always together. Rose has recently had her first litter of F1 kittens, and we are still waiting for Lilly to find her boyfriend.


WyldThingz Silver Bell

Silver Bell has a lot of people anxious to see what her future holds. Her dad, Vishnu, has made a big splash, and you can see him all over her. She’s just celebrating her first birthday, so we are yet to see how she is as a mom.

Alberta’s Odette:

We first traveled up to Calgary to add Flynn as a stud, but we could not pass up the opportunity to get his sister, Odette. She has the same amazing Alberta nose, inky spots, thick tail, and sweet disposition.

Alberta’s Diamond

They say that special things come to those who wait, and it definitely seems to be true here. We have been waiting for a girl like Diamond for a long time and are just going to enjoy spoiling her for the time being.

Amara's Painted Lady F1

Amara’s Painted Lady F1 female out of Falkor and Amara’s Jasmine PK Def N/N-PRA N/N

Amara's Mint Julep F1


Amara’s Mint Julep F1 female out of Falkor and Amara’s Jasmine PK Def N/N-PRA N/N

6 months of age

Amara's Zenyatta F1


Sire: Falkor – Dam: Skyhawks Sumatra of Amara F5SBT PK Def N/N-PRA N/N.

This lovely young savannah lady has incredible type and temperment. She is Rachael’s sister and is 10 months old in these pictures

Amara's Lolli F1

Sire: Falkor – Dam: Amara’s Sombra aka (Padme) Black DSH

Looks like Lolli just closes her eyes every time the flash goes off. Funny girl, I love this girl lots.

She is just the sweetest, cool colored, black nosed princess! She is 6 months old in these pictures and has been producing beautiful F2 babies.

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